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What range of processes do we provide?

ALL of our processes are cloud based, giving a massive help to the environment.

When we take on a client they have their own secure portal to view and upload documents.

These are an example of the processes we provide to support businesses:

Data Capture

Using Receiptbank to Scan purchase invoices and expense receipts.

Options for our clients can simply take a picture on their smart phone and leave it to us to process, or we can visit and scan them thus saving the client time.

This data is then transferred to Xero Accounting system.

Cloud Accounts

We use and recommend Xero Accounting for the most efficient way of recording a clients’ business account transactions.

Bank feeds are set up to transfer data from the client bank account to the client Xero system.

From this efficient system we can prepare the accounts.

Business Accounts

We use Xero Accounting and Syft Analytics for Year End and Management accounts.

This gives businesses up to date information to enable them to make important decisions. Reporting can also include cash flow forecasting for planning – ‘Cash is King’

Using a cloud software to file your company’s required documents to companies house.

Advanced Processes:

Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

  • We can help our clients give a guidance on credit scores on their customers and suppliers.

Finance Review

Finance Review

With a specialist cloud software we can review finance options to help your business grow, purchase an asset or if you require cash flow assistance.

Payroll and Pension

Payroll and Pension Processes

Supporting clients in processing their employee wages and pension submissions.

Tax Planning and Returns

Tax Planning and Returns

Sitting with clients to review and plan their tax.

Helping Our Environment

Box Account Eco Friendly
  • We are a 99% paperless office – the paper we receive (usually from HMRC) is then scanned, shredded and then sent for recycling.

  • Cloud based systems – reducing in-house backup hardware systems relying on heavy energy usage. The software suppliers we use also have targets of net Zero Carbon.

  • Virtual office and a remote team – helping reduce fossil fuels in regards to heating and powering a large office space etc.

  • We donate to planting trees via Woodland Trust and their Fight Back against Carbon Change.

What are our Clients saying about us?

No one is going to think accounting is fun or easy but at least which Xero it’s intuitive, easy to manage and always available. I’ve been a user since around 2008, I recommend it to everyone who needs accounting software. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Daniel Thorns Talyor Suite Ltd.
We have recently migrated to Xero from Sage. The support from the small business team and Xero Central is fantastic. Everything is so user friendly - Xero brings together the requirement of keeping your books up to date with simplicity and modern integrations to make the process seamless. Alice from the small business team has been fantastic, easy to reach and solved any hiccups we came across. Would fully recommend Xero. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Chloe Matthews Global Initiative
I would recommend using Xero. My Accountant congratulated me on choosing it because he uses it too. Xero is linked to my case management system as well, so the main systems are all connected to enable me to run my business smoothly. Xero's continuous support is always available to guide and assist with any problems Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Donald Salvor Walter & Parker Associates